以色列理工学院Ashraf Brik教授学术讲座--Chemical Biology with Ubiquitin Signaling (泛素信号的化学生物学研究)


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时间:2021年9月23日 16:00
报告人: Ashraf Brik教授

Ashraf Brik is a professor at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He moved from Ben-Gurion University to Technion in 2015, where he holds the Jordan and Irene Tark Academic Chair. In 2017, he got the Henry Taub Prize for Academic Excellence. In 2018, he became the member of Israel Young Academy. In 2019, he was supported by the ERC advanced grant. In 2020, he got the Israel Chemical Society Prize of Excellence. His research involves the development of novel chemistries and approaches for the chemical synthesis and semi-synthesis of post-translationally modified proteins (e.g. ubiquitinated, glycosylated and phosphorylated proteins) for biochemical, biophysical and biological studies. His group is also interested in the design and synthesis of modulators based on small molecules, peptides and peptidomimetics for enzymes which are involved in various diseases.
Ashraf Brik是以色列理工学院的教授,他于2015年从本古里安大学转到以色列理工学院,担任约旦和艾琳塔克学术主席。2017 年,他获得了亨利·陶布学术卓越奖。2018年他成为以色列青年学院成员。2019年他获得欧洲ERC基金高级资助。2020年,他获得以色列化学学会卓越奖。他的研究涉及用于生物化学、生物物理和生物学研究的翻译后修饰蛋白质(例如泛素化、糖基化和磷酸化蛋白质)的化学合成和半合成的新型化学和方法的开发。另外,他团队的研究兴趣还涉及基于小分子、肽和肽模拟物的调节剂的设计和合成,这些调节剂与各种疾病相关。


Ubiquitination is an important post-translation modification affecting a variety of biological processes such as protein degradation, trafficking, transcription and the DNA damage response. Not surprisingly, ubiquitination plays a key role in various diseases, such as neurological disorders, infectious diseases and cancer. The recent breakthrough in chemical and semisynthetic approaches reported by Brik’s group makes it possible now to assemble ubiquitin chains and ubiquitinated peptides and proteins in high purity and large quantity. As a result, great opportunities have become now available for chemical biologists and biologists to study the ubiquitin signal at the molecular level to reveal unknown aspects of this amazing and diverse signal.
泛素化是一种重要的翻译后修饰,影响多种生物过程,如蛋白质降解、运输、转录和 DNA 损伤反应。毫不奇怪,泛素化在各种疾病中起着关键作用,例如神经系统疾病、传染病和癌症。Brik 小组发展的化学合成和半合成方法的最新突破使现在可以高纯度和大量组装泛素链和泛素化肽和蛋白质。因此,化学生物学家和生物学家现在有很大的机会在分子水平上研究泛素信号,以揭示这种惊人而多样信号的未知领域。


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