Hortic Res 直播预告 | 植物抗白粉病机理研究: 聚焦RPW8及MLO


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一 主讲人

萧顺元马里兰大学帕克分校生物科学与生物技术研究所 (IBBR) 植物科学与景观建筑系的教授。他还在中国华中农业大学获得了园艺学学士(1984)、硕士(1987)和博士学位(1992)。2003年在美国佛罗里达大学和英国东英吉利大学从事博士后研究,2003年加入马里兰大学任终身副教授。萧顺元教授的研究兴趣集中在阐明植物抵抗白粉病真菌的分子机制

二 时间
2021年9月8日 晚上20:00-21:30
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四 本次分享会主要内容

As a graduate student of horticultural sciences, I became interested in plant genetics and molecular biology. My scientific research started off with citrus, jumped on Arabidopsis, and have recently (partially) come back to citrus, forming a full circle. My current research at the University of Maryland is mainly focused on understanding how plants activate antifungal resistance using the Arabidopsis-powdery mildew pathosystem. We have been trying to elucidate how the broad-spectrum protein RPW8 works at the host-pathogen interface (termed the extra-haustorial membrane) and morerecently how MLO proteins serve as susceptibility factors for powdery mildew. Iwill discuss recent progress on these two projects. If time permits, I  will briefly introduce a new collaborative project in my lab that aims to develop anovel strategy to control Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing).

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